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Nestled in the beautiful natural landscape of Southeastern Wisconsin just minutes from downtown is our Lake Geneva Zipline Canopy Tour and Lake Geneva Team Building facility. Located on a very wooded abandoned railroad right of way, our unique facility offers a fantastic 3 Zipline Canopy Tour, twin 40' tall Climbing Towers, a 'Vertical Playground' offering 12 different climbing elements, a challenging Low Ropes Course, a 2 passenger 'Zorbi' Ball that rolls down on 250' long grass runway, everything your or your group needs for an incredible outdoor experience!


Let our expertly trained Staff guide you through a series of new experiences. We will show you how to challenge yourself and accomplish things you never imagined. Harness up and leave the comfort of Terra Firma, let your own adrenaline carry you to new heights. We will show you the Great Outdoors like you have never seen it. At AERIAL ADVENTURES  we have just one goal - provide the safest, most entertaining outdoor experience available! Perfect for singles, couples, families, or large groups and special events.