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If you have purchased a Groupon for admission to Aerial Adventures Adventure Park, your Groupon will be REDEEMED when entered into our system, you may receive a notification through email that your Groupon has been redeemed. This IS NOT an issue. That does not mean that your voucher has been used. you will need to make a reservation in advance by clicking the 'book now' tab on this page. Scroll down to the Groupon Package you purchased andenter 'Groupon Zip" where instructed Keep your vouchger number for verification at check in. Groupon reservations MUST be made in a Groupon reservation option in the reservation link.

Groupons may be marked redeemed after purchase. This does not affect your voucher. We keep track of all voucher numbers and will reconcile at check in. Aerial Adventures does not expire Groupons, they are available for use anytime, based on availability. Groupon customers receive priority in our reservation system, the earlier you reserve, the better the chances of getting the time slot you would like.