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Lake Geneva Zipline  Tour - 3 separate Zip lines - 1100’' of zipping excitement!      

Pods of up to 6 participants and along with 2 staff climb the first tower reaching over 45' in the air. BEAUTIFUL VIEW! Trees all around. One by one the participant steps onto the 'dismount platform', the facilitator double and triple checks Zip Line Gear. Affter gearing up, the zippers head  to Zip 1, 'The Screaming Eagle'. Climb the tower over 40' tall. The facilitator shouts  'Zip Clear', the facilitator nearly 1000 feet away responds 'Zip Away' and the Zipper is off. The longest zip lasts about 45 seconds. 'The Soaring Falcon' is next. Accessed by crossing a narrow 'gang plank' to a dismount platform over 30' high, zip away 350' to landing zone 2. Cross over to ' The Flying Squirrel' zip dismount, and zip away 300' to another to the final landing platform, then a few steps down to Terra Firma - the Tour is complete! 

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