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      We open for our 2017 season on May 13



,  Lake Geneva Zipline  Tour - $49.00 per person   1 Hour       3 Zips + Free Fall! 

Pods of up to 6 participants and along with 2 staff climb the first tower reaching over 45' in the air. BEAUTIFUL VIEW! Trees all around. One by one the participant steps onto the 'dismount platform', the facilitator double and triple checks Zip Line Gear. After some encouragement, the facilitator shouts  'Zip Clear', the facilitator nearly 1000 feet away responds 'Zip Away' and the Zipper is off. The longest zip lasts about 45 seconds. The second Zip is accessed by crossing a narrow 'gang plank' to a dismount platform over 30' high, zip away 350' to landing zone 2. Cross over to Zip 3 dismount, and zip away 300' to another landing platform,  them zip a 4th line to the last platform just a few steps down to Terra Firma - the Tour is complete! Plus a Free Fall Descender leap on our Quick Jump from 35'  high.

'Full Adventure' - $114.00 per person   3  Zipline Tour + Aerial Trek Course + Bubble Soccer + Free Fall. -Challenge yourself on our brand new 8 element Course! Participants are on our safe belay' system. Climbers experience the thrill of of 2 levels of trekking - you will amaze yourself with what you can accomplish.  Plus 30 minutes of Bubble Soccer, then Free fall on our 'Quick Jump' descender from the top of our climbing tower 35' tall!

Bubble Soccer - $30.00 per person for 1 hour ( 4 person minimum). Climb inside a hige rubber sphere with handles and adjustable shoulder straps.  Bubble Soccer balls are about 3' in size. Bubble Soccer balls can be used singularly to perfect your rolls, flips, and wheels.  "SoccerBallers" describe the sensation as almost defying gravity.  With up to 6 Bubble Soccer balls the experience is catapulted into rip roaring laughter, exhilarating knocks and rolls that will keep you coming back for more.